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Dave Greber
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7000-Day Candles, solo show at Arthur Roger Gallery
September 28 2014

Includes new work/techniques I developed at my Joan Mitchell Center residency this summer.  The show features 4 objects and a Stasseo mural.  

The objects are solid-state video monitors with a perforated print covering the screen, and cradled in a custom frame. Conceptually, and literally, they are video versions of 7-Day Candles. As you would burn a candle and meditate on a certain aspect of your life-situation you would like to improve, you run this video until the monitor finishes it's burn, and the full potential of it's intervention will be reached. I'm calling them 7000-Day Candles.  There will be 4 different colored/themed monitors, each for a different area of focus. Red/Love, Green/Luck, etc.  On each individual monitor there is an oval window with ...

Installation at Crystal Bridges
August 7 2014


State of The Art
July 23 2014

I am really excited that my work is going to be included in the Crystal Bridges Museum's State of the Art exhibit.  I will have two moderately psychadelic video installations in the show ;)

Learn more here



September 13, 2014-January 19, 2015



Unitarian Sermon
June 20 2014
Last Sunday I had the cool experience of lay-leading a service at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.  Theres a video of the whole service below. "Local visual artist, Dave Greber, speaks about his experience growing up as a Quaker, the friction between his faith and the culture of contemporary commercialism, and how he creates art to reconcile the two as a mystic search for oneness. He will share examples of his artwork and strategies for mindfulness"

2 Shows in NYC
June 19 2014
Hope to see my NYers at a couple shows I have in NYC this month:

1.  June 27, 2014  7p-9p

Videorover Season 8

NutureArt 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

2. June 28, 2014  7p-12a

Lumen Festival

Atlantic Salt, 561 Richmond Terrace, SI NY 10301



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why is a kiss MORE than a kiss?
why is a kiss MORE than a kiss?

doctors HATE local mom for sneaky peeling off face trick
doctors HATE local mom for sneaky peeling off face trick

The Front: On Display?
The Front: On Display?

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