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Dave Greber
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Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail
March 15 2015

My wife Katie and I are about to go walk the full distance 2,2XX miles of the Appalachian Trail, starting... now. It's been something that we've planned for years, and it's finally here. We are hiking NOBO (northbound) from Georgia to Maine through the woods.

I'm going to continue making art while on the trail, in a nomadic cell-phone/digital-studio practice (like the kiddies do). I'm hoping to reconnect with a certain raw inspiration for making work, and a fluid articulation, that I think I have lost a bit. Mostly we'll be posting in a tumblr:


you're going to LOVE it

I want the work to grow organically so I don't want to ...

7000-Day Candles, solo show at Arthur Roger Gallery
September 28 2014

Includes new work/techniques I developed at my Joan Mitchell Center residency this summer.  The show features 4 objects and a Stasseo mural.  

The objects are solid-state video monitors with a perforated print covering the screen, and cradled in a custom frame. Conceptually, and literally, they are video versions of 7-Day Candles. As you would burn a candle and meditate on a certain aspect of your life-situation you would like to improve, you run this video until the monitor finishes it's burn, and the full potential of it's intervention will be reached. I'm calling them 7000-Day Candles.  There will be 4 different colored/themed monitors, each for a different area of focus. Red/Love, Green/Luck, etc.  On each individual monitor there is an oval window with ...

Installation at Crystal Bridges
August 7 2014


State of The Art
July 23 2014

I am really excited that my work is going to be included in the Crystal Bridges Museum's State of the Art exhibit.  I will have two moderately psychadelic video installations in the show ;)

Learn more here



September 13, 2014-January 19, 2015



Unitarian Sermon
June 20 2014
Last Sunday I had the cool experience of lay-leading a service at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.  Theres a video of the whole service below. "Local visual artist, Dave Greber, speaks about his experience growing up as a Quaker, the friction between his faith and the culture of contemporary commercialism, and how he creates art to reconcile the two as a mystic search for oneness. He will share examples of his artwork and strategies for mindfulness"

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