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Lecture on my background and artist practice, from 4/15/13.  Topics include: ninja turtles, eating your own shit, learning how to interpret art, and how to fight tanks.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans - June 15, 2014 "...the friction between his faith and the culture of contemporary commercialism..."


Behind the scenes on a video shoot, by Phil Rached.

local news program

Local News show: News with a Twist at the Moviehouse NOLA exhibit

Commissioned documentaries, collaborations and projects with the NHP Foundation's after-school programs in New Orleans, LA:
a community center rebuilt after katrina Walnut Square (2009)

music video  Smoothie Drop (2009)

NASA and NHP together at last  Imagine Mars (2009)
The Front: On Display?
The Front: On Display?

5 Things You Should Never Do
5 Things You Should Never Do

One "Trick" for GOD
One "Trick" for GOD

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