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Dashboard Co-Op -Atlanta, Feburary 8th
November 20 2013
I'm going to have a big installation at a show in Altanta on Feburary 8th, 2014, as part of the Dashboard Co-op's next installation.  I am going to make my first Stasseo Cathedral - something I have been thinking about making for a few years but have not had the right opportunity for it yet.  Should been very exciting!

Interviews with  me and the other artists here  !!!  read

Dashboard Co-op has announced its new crop of artists for 2014. Representing a range of ages and experience, they are: Elizabeth Riley, Dave Greber, Paper Frank, Hudgens Prize finalist Chris Chambers, Zopi Kristjanson, George Long, Jason Peters, Andre Keichian, Martha Whittington, Kevin Byrd, Lindsey Wolkowicz, and Dustin Chambers. Works by the new group will be featured in an exhibition in February ...

Joan Mitchell Center Studio Residence
November 20 2013
I'm going to be working from the French Quarter in the spring with a bunch of other really talented artists as part of the Joan Mitchell Foundation's New Orleans' Local studio program.  Check out the Press Release:

Ten Visual Artists Selected for the Joan Mitchell Center 2013-2014 New Orleans Local Artists Studio

NEW ORLEANS - The Joan Mitchell Center on Bayou Road is pleased to announce the ten (10) artists selected for the 2013-2014 New Orleans Local Artists (“NOLA”) Studio Program:

Katrina Andry
Aaron Collier
Jer'Lisa Devezin
Dave Greber
Norah Lovell
Mario Padilla
Brooke Pickett
Rontherin Ratliff
Ayo Scott
Carl Joe Williams

The Joan Mitchell Center is piloting a year-long program for ten New Orleans-based visual artists beginning November 4, 2013. Artists will receive a ...

The Wrong
October 28 2013

I'm proud to be a part of the 1st The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale. Born in São Paulo. Made & exhibited worldwide. Opens November 1st, 2013 at http://thewrong.org/ 

30 online pavilions leaded by 30 curators/artists/organisations. More than 300 artists to be featured online during 2 months at http://thewrong.org/ starting on November 1st, 2013. 

The Wrong Curators leading pavilions: Jodi, Yoshi Sodeoka, Anthony Antonellis, Rollin Leonard, Lorna Mills, Curt Cloninger, Emilio Gomariz, Eric Mast, Chiara Passa, Max Hattler, A.Bill Miller, Helena Acosta, Peter Rahul, Miyö Van Stenis, Andrew Benson, Emilie Gervais, Rick Silva, Michaël Borras, Sara Ludy, Ellectra Radikal, Giselle Zatonyl, Protey Temen, Johann Velit, Michael Staniak, Gerhardt Rubio Swaneck, Joseph Yølk Chiocchi, Cristina Ghetti, Julia Borges Araña, Guilherme Brandão e David Quiles ...

Moviehouse NOLA
October 28 2013

I'm working on a new Stasseo for an exhibition opening November 8th:

“Moviehouse NOLA” is a multimedia exhibition opening November 2013 in downtown New Orleans. The pop-up exhibition, geared towards anyone who loves the movies, tells the stories of the forgotten movie palaces that once made New Orleans the “Broadway of the South.” “Moviehouse NOLA” will present historical renderings, artifacts, and ephemera, alongside contemporary art and interactive displays, to explore the impact these spaces had and continue to have on New Orleans’ cultural landscape.

“Moviehouse NOLA” is a collaborative project with BRUNO designand the first in a series of Pelican Bomb exhibitions that will be popping up throughout New Orleans’ Central Business District through 2014.


September 26 2013

I have a piece in this exhibition.  It's a nice collection with a roster of great artists and it's fun to check out.  Click the image to visit the exhibit or read more about it below:


Online exhibition from M0US310n.net featuring Digital and Net Art on the subject of Money and Error, put together by virtual curator “Vasily Zaitsev”:

" M0N3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US ” proposes to establish connections , dialogues, and new insights into the contemporary art scene around the general topic of MONEY. Around 60 international artists with various aesthetic and conceptual approaches who work in fields such as Digital Art , Net.Art , New Media , Interactive Art , Multimedia, JavaScript, Glitch, Video, Online Performance, and Image.

The theme of MONEY was ...

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